Enhancing Your IT Security – Domain Preservation and Acquisition Service

  1. This disclaimer serves as a formal statement of the principles and practices adhered to by Owl in the frame (“We” or “Us”) in the pursuit of our Domain Preservation and Acquisition Service.

    Our primary objective is to assist known brands in safeguarding their IT security by identifying and preserving critical domain names. We are committed to ethical and responsible conduct throughout this process.

  2. Purpose and Objectives

    Our core mission is to contribute to the enhancement of IT security for established
    brands by identifying, acquiring, and preserving domain names that may pose potential risks if owned or controlled by unauthorized parties. We do not engage in any activities that infringe upon the intellectual property rights or brand identity of any entity.

  3. Research and Analysis
    We conduct thorough research and analysis to identify domain names that could be critical to the IT security of known brands. Our intent is solely to protect these domains from potential misuse.

  4. Domain Acquisition
    Upon identifying critical domain names, we acquire them with the intention of preserving their integrity and ensuring they are not used for inappropriate or infringing purposes.

  5. Contact with Brand Owners
    After acquiring a critical domain name, we make every effort to contact the corresponding brand owner in a timely manner. Our goal is to offer them the opportunity to regain control of the domain and enhance their IT security.

  6. Proof of Brand Ownership
    To prevent any unauthorized transfer of domain names, we may request proof that the communicating party is indeed the legitimate representative of the brand in question. We take this step to ensure that domain names are returned only to the rightful owners.

  1. Ethical Conduct
    We commit to ethical conduct throughout our operations. We do not use the acquired domains in any way that infringes upon the intellectual property rights or brand identity of a given brand.

  2. Affordable Service
    We understand the importance of making our IT security service accessible. Our cost structure is designed to be reasonable and not out-of-pocket expensive for brand owners seeking our assistance.

  1. Security Measures
    We have implemented various security strategies to ensure that we provide domain names only to the appropriate parties. We prioritize the protection of sensitive information throughout the process.

  2. No Infringement
    We explicitly state that our actions are not intended to infringe upon the property or rights of any brand. Our mission is to enhance IT security while respecting the legal rights of all parties involved.

  3. By availing of our Domain Name Preservation Service, you acknowledge and accept these principles and practices. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with brand owners to safeguard their digital assets and enhance their IT security.
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